Legal notice




Work(s) Terms and Conditions


Please read this document carefully as
it will tell you everything you need to know about ourdealings with
each other. Agreement
of estimate/quote includes
acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions


1. You the customer must be the owner
of the property or be authorise by the owner to carry out any works on thus


2. We the Contractorwill carry out any and
all work during our normal working hours (8am to 6pm Monday to Friday), unless
we say otherwise, in some expressions we will work on the weekends until the
job is complete.


3. We the Contractor will agree all jobs
with you and
endeavor to carry out the work within the period
stipulated or, if no period is stipulated, within a reasonable time, and shall
not be held responsible for any loss or damage arising out of delay due to any
cause beyond the Contractor's control.


Our engineers will usually carry out the work. In some cases, we may
authorise a suitably qualified contractor to carry out the work.


5. There
is a standard manufactures warrant on all parts and labour used for the work
from the date of completion. Within this period, if the parts are defective

then we will repair or replace.


charge for the work includes all the labour and parts that were agreed in the original
estimate. Any additional work or faults we identify may be charge to you
separately. We will discuss any
modifications to the original estimate agreed and continue once price is

7. Terms of payment

a. Payment
terms will be agreed by the
contractor and customer full
payment is due on completion of the work.

b. A written invoices will be submitted at the end of the work carried

c. All company contracts will be 14 or as agreed days for full payment

d. Failure by the Customer to make payment as foresaid shall entitle the
Contractor to suspend work and/or charge interest on the amount outstanding at
4% above Base Rate of the Contractor's Bank and may result in court proceedings

e. All materials remain the property of the Contractor until payment has
been made in full


8. We Contractorare notresponsible for the
remove any dangerous waste material; including asbestos.


9. Following our work, you may need to
do some redecorating. You the customer are responsible for this (and we will
not pay for it) unless we have been negligent or unless we have been contracted
do so in the original estimate. If access has to be made, we the
Contractorwill fill in any holes
and leave the surface level but we will not necessarily replace the original
surface or construction.


10. Due to Health & Safety regulations the
engineer on site will decide whether work can go ahead. Any work recommended by
us the contractor will be at your discretion and may encore an extra cost. We
will agree with you how much this will cost beforehand. We will not carry out
the repairs if parts are unavailable.





Notice of your right to cancel

You are entitled to cancel this agreement.
If you wish to cancel, you MUST DO SO my telephone, e-mail or text as soon as
possible of within 5 works in days of quotation to the address/telephone number
provided. Your notice to cancel will be taken to have been received as soon we
have acknowledged it.